Transportation & Infrastructure


City of West Plains Electric Utility Department:

The City of West Plains provides an average 180,000,000 kilowatt hour of electricity to its customers thru its own transmission and distribution network. This network consists of a transmission line,6 substations, a 52 MW Generation station, and over 350 miles of lines which is owned and maintained by its own Electric Department. Electricity is procured from Southwester Power Administration, Sikeston Power plant and open market sources thru the Southwestern Power Pool. Over 24% of the total electricity purchased annually is considered “Green” Energy. Average rates are:   Residential $0.083   Commercial $0.061  Industrial $0.050. Please refer to our advertised rates for specific pricing.

Link for rates:

City of West Plains is served by Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC). Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative, located in Marshfield, Missouri is HOEC’s transmission cooperative.

  • HOEC is owned by the members it serves; therefore, the cooperative is controlled by its’ members
  • HOEC is not profit driven; as a cooperative, it strives to keep costs of electricity low and maintain high quality of service
  • Commercial energy rates within West Plains can go as low as $.05 per kWh

Fiber Broadband / High-Speed Internet

Affordable, DEDICATED high-speed fiber broadband Internet up to 1 gb is now available in West Plains!

Monthly rates for dedicated, business-class high-speed fiber are $325 for 25 Mb up/down, $375 for 50 Mb up/down, and $450 for 100 Mb up/down. Contact Will Atkinson (417-256-7176) for information on how your business can have access to City of West Plains business class Internet.

Also available through Fidelity Communications and Century Link.

Natural Gas

  • Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc. is the natural gas supplier to residents and businesses of West Plains, Missouri
  • Summit Utilities Inc. maintains 20 natural gas systems and serves more than 40,000 homes and businesses in Colorado, Missouri, and Maine with clean, affordable natural gas
  • Summit Natural Gas underground pipelines not only meet but exceed federal, state, and industry safety standards.


Water and Wastewater:

  • The city provides water and wastewater management services to residents and businesses.
  • Water supply capacity is 5.2 million gallons per day
  • Peak consumption is 4 million gallons per day
  • The city’s waste water treatment plant has a current treatment capacity of 3.25 million gallons a day
  • Average daily treatment is 2.6 million gallons


Road Access

  • 4-laned Highway 63 intersects US Highway 60 in Howell County

Commercial Rail Access

  • West Plains is served by Burlington Northern-Santa Fe’s Heartland division